About CUTS’ India Africa strategy


Africa continues to be the land of opportunities and challenges for both local and global communities, including people, governments and business enterprises.

India has adopted an innovative approach in its relation with the African continent. It has aimed its development initiatives in Africa towards, capacity building, human resource development, increasing the line of business between India and Africa, among others.


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CUTS International holds a similar vision and has been working in the African region for more than 20 years now. The focus of CUTS’ work in Africa is to promote ‘South-South Cooperation’ on trade and development, and strengthen long-term capacity of both non-state and state actors to address equity and accountability issues.

Through the various projects and initiatives being undertaken from India as well as its three offices in Africa (Lusaka, Nairobi and Accra) , CUTS has been able to strengthen its partnership with the African stakeholders (both state and non-state) on issues pertaining to international trade; regional integration; consumer protection; foreign investment and competition policy issues at national, regional and international level.