About CUTS’ India Africa strategy


Africa continues to be the land of opportunities and challenges for both local and global communities, including people, governments and business enterprises.

India has adopted an innovative approach in its relation with the African continent. It has aimed its development initiatives in Africa towards, capacity building, human resource development, increasing the line of business between India and Africa, among others.


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Civil Society Cooperation

CUTS work in Africa has led to building of long term partnerships and eventually contributed in its Africa agenda of ‘South-South Cooperation’ and capacity building. Through its various initiatives, CUTS has forged a strong partnership with the African stakeholders on issues related to trade, competition, consumer protection, governance, regional integration, etc.

  1. India-Africa Partnership Towards Sustainable Development (Publication by RIS and FIDC)
    In light of the forthcoming 3rd India- Africa Forum Summit, RIS and CUTS came up with a publication that chronicles various dimensions of the India-Africa partnership, pivoted around capacity building, sustainable development and training of Africa’s most precious resource – over one billion people of the continent. CUTS has contributed three stories in the book. The stories are entitled ‘Empowering Knowledge Partnership: Kofi Annan Centre, Ghana’; ‘Igniting Minds, Changing Lives’ and ‘Knowledge Bridge: Creating Dialogue of Ideas’

  2. CIRC ITEC course on Competition Policy
    CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition (CIRC), CUTS International and National Law University, Delhi organised a two week long international training programme on Competition Policy and Law for African countries from 16th February to 1st March, 2015, with support from Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India under the ITEC programme. The international training programme saw participation of professionals from competition authorities of thirteen countries: Seychelles, Mauritius, Swaziland, Ethiopia, Morocco, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Botswana, Namibia, Senegal, Tanzania and Tunisia.

  3. IVORI II Project
    CUTS along with GIZ, Nigeria organised a ‘Public Policy Dialogue on Integrating the Consumer's Voice into the Trade Policy Process in Nigeria’ in May, 2015 in Abuja, Nigeria. This landmark event, which was supported by the European Union and the German Government under the Strengthening Nigeria’s Trade Support Institutions (SNTSI) programme, brought  together Nigerian consumer groups, other civil society organisations, relevant Ministries, Agencies and Departments, the private sector and the academia, to jointly examine the issues surrounding the trade policy making process in Nigeria.

  4. PACT EAC Project
    The PACT EAC Project brings together East African Community (EAC) stakeholders, in five countries and in Geneva, to pursue a more integrated policy framework on issues of food security, climate change and trade. Partners in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania regularly engage stakeholders in research, networking, advocacy, and training. They also update their representatives at the World Trade Organization in Geneva on the situation on the ground every two months.