About CUTS’ India Africa strategy


Africa continues to be the land of opportunities and challenges for both local and global communities, including people, governments and business enterprises.

India has adopted an innovative approach in its relation with the African continent. It has aimed its development initiatives in Africa towards, capacity building, human resource development, increasing the line of business between India and Africa, among others.


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India-Africa Forum Summit

The India–Africa Forum Summit is the official platform for the African-Indian relations. The newest addition to the Summit, ‘Third India-Africa Forum Summit’ (http://www.iafs.in/home.php) is hosted by India in New Delhi from October 26-October 29, 2015. This meeting has seen the participation of 54 African countries, with almost 40 being represented by their Heads of state. This is being termed as the biggest diplomatic event of the current government.

It was first held from April 4 to April 8, 2008 in New Delhi, India (http://www.indiaafricasummit.nic.in/). It was the first such meeting between the heads of state and government of India and 14 countries of Africa chosen by the African Union.

The second summit (http://mea.gov.in/bilateral-documents.htm) was held at the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, with India and 15 African Countries participating. The leaders discussed significant aspects of the India-Africa partnership with the objective of enhancing and widening its ambit for mutual benefit.