Established in 1996, CUTS Centre for Consumer Action, Research & Training (CUTS CART) is a research and advocacy Centre. This Programme Centre was created as a result of diversification of CUTS in order to move ahead with its inherited agenda: consumer protection and education, and to create a more responsible society. In order to contribute in the CUTS’ vision of CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, CUTS CART endeavors through the mission ‘To enable consumers, particularly the poor and the marginalized to achieve their right to basic needs, sustainable development and good governance through strong consumer movement’

Continuous pioneering work in the area of consumer protection found CART at the forefront of the consumer movement in India and beyond. So far, the Centre has trained over 1200 activists and created 300 independent groups in Rajasthan and elsewhere. Moreover, CART is credited to have about 1000 organisations in its network.

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CUTS Comments to FSSAI on Draft Food Safety and Standards(Labeling and Display) Regulations, 2018 from Consumer Perspective.

Memorandum to Government of Rajasthan During Pre-Budget Consultation 2017  

Special Endeavour

Vidhayak Samvaad/Parfore

RTI Information & Advisory Services

ProOb phase I

ProOb phase II

Inside Into Indian States (I3S)

Road Safety Advocacy Project (ROSA)

Financial Consumer Protection (FCP)

Newsletters / Newspapers


Consumer Dialogue

Vol. 14 No. 03

May-Aug 2018

Paanchwa Stambh

GSK Alert

(Vol 19 No.3)

July-Sept 2018

Gram Gadar

January 2019

New Publications

State of the Indian Consumer 2012 12 MyCity Civic Engagement: Enhancing Quality of Urban Servicet State of Consumer Safety in India 2016
Rajasthan City Mayors' Learning Platform Organic Consumption in Rajasthan
Challenges and Possibilities
Right to Choice of Consumers of Financial Services Mis-selling and Financial Incentives in Indian Banks

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     An Appeal for Donation

CUTS Conferred Swachh Rajasthan Award

Dossier-CUTS Work in Road Safety

Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2016-Bill Blow Up

The Consumer Protection Bill, 2015-Bill Blow Up

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, 2013-Bill Blow Up

Discussion Paper-E-Commerce in the Context of Trade, Consumer Protection and Competition in India, 2018

Institutional and Legislative Assessment of Road Safety Framework in Selected States in India_CUTS-WHO Study

Baseline Survey Report-Financial Consumer Protection Project

Benchmarking Survey on Factors Influencing Remittance Costs-A CUTS Study

Baseline Survey Monograph - ProOrganic II




Building the Case for Social Accountability: Lessons from ANSA-South Asia

Social Accountability in Action

CUTS CART, a programme centre of CUTS, has applied the approaches of social accountability through two consecutive pilot projects over the period of three years for assessing the effectiveness of implementation of Midday Meal Scheme (MDMS) and NREGS in Rajasthan, with the aim of judging... >>>

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How a consumer can be a real King?


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