A Quarterly Newsletter of the CUTS Centre for Competition, Investment & Economic Regulation covering developments relating to competition policy and economic regulations.

This is a quarterly, newsletter published by the CUTS C-CIER, under the 7Up Project. The objective behind this flagship publication is to create awareness among the stakeholders, particularly the civil society organisations, who in turn lobby at national, regional and international level, on the issues related to the competition and consumer welfare. It focuses on news, views and policies related to corporate restructuring, regulations of utilities and finances, corporate governance etc. of different countries in particular, the developing nations. Special dedicated sections showcase issues and cases thwarting competition in countries across the globe providing readers an insight into the competition scenario therein. It also updates the reader on the progress of various 7Up Projects

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YEAR 2008

ReguLetter Vol. 9 No.3/2008

ReguLetter Vol. 9 No.4/2008

ReguLetter Vol. 9 No.2/2008

ReguLetter Vol. 9 No.1/2008 

YEAR 2007

ReguLetter Vol. 8 No.4/2007

ReguLetter Vol. 8 No.3/2007

ReguLetter Vol. 7 No.2/2007

ReguLetter Vol. 7 No.1/2007

YEAR 2006


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