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CUTS Calcutta Resource Centre (CUTS CRC) became operational in 1987. From the early days of its inception till now, the centre has undergone many changes in term of its focus areas. It started working in the area of consumer protection and gradually added trade, economics and environment issues to its scope of work in the ensuing years.  A few years later, a specialised centre, titled Centre for International Trade Economics and Environment (CITEE) was launched to exclusively work in this area. Sometime later, a network “South Asia Watch on Trade Economics and Environment (SAWTEE) was launched jointly with other NGOs in South Asia.  The same was developed with a view to strengthen the work on capacity building, policy research and advocacy in the South Asia regional bloc. In the later part of 1997, CITEE moved to Jaipur and the dimension of Calcutta centre was changed. From then on, the Calcutta Centre realigned its focus to work on ‘consumer safety’ and ‘sustainable development’. It launched a new programme called ‘Safety watch’ to focus on consumer safety and another programme on Sustainable Production & Consumption to focus on sustainable development.  To meet the demands of various developments taking place across the globe, the centre since 2008 included Energy, Regulatory reforms & Governance issues to its core areas of function. Currently the Centre is working focusing on the following programme areas:

  • Energy

  • Good Governance

  • Safety & Environment

  • Grassroots Economic Development


  • CUTS is a member of the Consumer Protection Council, Consumer Affairs Department, Government of West Bengal



Conference on Facilitating Connectivity in the Bay of Bengal Region

Indo-Asia Connectivity for Shared Prosperity

CUTS has signed MoUs with HNU & Institute id-eee, Germany for joint research on resource efficiency, sustainability, rural electrification and renewable energy

CUTS Awarded the World Consumer Day Certificate of Merit

CUTS Calcutta Resource Centre has been recognised as Partner Consumer Organisation in West Bengal by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

   An Appeal for Donation

CUTS commented on the following draft regulations and policies

Draft National Renewable Energy Act, 2015

Draft Policy on Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) Phase II

Miscellaneous Provisions & Recovery of Expenditure for Providing New Connection

Cogeneration and Generation of Electricity from renewable Source of Energy

Terms and Condition of Tariff

CUTS Memorandum

CUTS Memorandum to Ensure Effective Implementation of Renewable Energy Policy in West Bengal

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